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Best Selling Sex Doll Torso

The sex doll torso is part of a full size lover doll. Some are just a butt and vagina, while others may consist of legs, a chest, or even a head. Most are under 100cm long and weigh 5-20kg, so torso sex toys are cheaper and easier to store, which is why you choose them​​​

Sex Doll Torso

Sex doll torso

Torso sex dolls are also designed to address sexual needs. It has very realistic genitals and breasts.
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Realistic Big Booty Masturbator

The Big Booty Masturbator provides a dual sexual experience of vaginal and anal sex, and it is made of soft TPE material that can be as realistic as a real woman’s ass. The price is also very cheap, come and experience different sex.

Torso Sex Dolls Of Other Types

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Sex Doll Torso | Best Sex Torso for Men and Women | Only $59

Sextoystop is an online seller of sex doll torsos, and here, in this collection, we have collected the best adult toys for your reference. All our products are made of high quality TPE and silicone materials

The sex doll torso is the part of the sex doll body, they have very realistic vaginas, breasts and anus, and some sex doll torsos also have a head that can be used for vaginal sex, anal sex, breast sex and oral sex. It is a human torso without head and feet made of TPE. It is generally smaller, lighter and easier to store than a full-sized sex doll. It has elastic skin close to the real human body. Having sex with it will give you the most authentic sexual experience!

Half-length dolls, whether they have only the head and limbs, arms, body and head, or only the lower body and legs, or only the buttocks, all have one thing in common, that is, the limbs are incomplete, so they are called sex doll torso. The product is well known to the public due to its low price and light weight.

High quality and low price: Because it is a part of the sex doll body, it uses less material and the price is very cheap.

EASY TO STORAGE: The smaller size and weight make it easier to store the love doll torso. And, the portability allows you to take your torso sex doll with you wherever you go for fun on the go.

Make love anytime, anywhere: Usually, it weighs between 4kg and 20kg. It is very realistic and is the best sex tool, you can experience different sex pleasures on the sofa, kitchen, bathroom.

Most of them use TPE material, of course, it’s popular and will serve you well. The TPE sex doll torso is the closest to human skin, and it is used to make the butt and chest of the sex torso, so that it feels very real when you press or suck. TPE material is cheaper than silicone, which can reduce the cost of the factory, and customers can also get their favorite sex doll torso at a cheap price.

There are many good torso dolls for you to choose from. They look great. TPE toys are definitely worth considering when choosing a mid-range sex doll or toy.

Big Ass Masturbator

Who would say no to a Big Ass Masturbator, this is a very realistic sex toy that mainly provides real sexual pleasure for men who like anal sex, these realistic big ass have two separate openings, one for the vagina and one for the anus. You can then have sex with a big ass without worry.

Male sex torso

They have those big boobs and a big butt if you have a strong desire for sex. But you can’t stand full size sex dolls being expensive. Well, female torso sex dolls are perfect for you. They have built-in high-grade metal skeletons so you can enjoy more sex positions. In real sex, some sexual positions are unacceptable. However, a sex torso can help you achieve these sex positions with ease.

Female sex doll torso

This is a sex torso for women, they have a flat, solid base with a lifelike penis and testicles, allowing you to enjoy different riding sex to orgasm. For women, there are plenty of sex toys. Examples include dildos, vibrators, sex machines, and full-size female sex dolls. But there is no perfect sex toy. Because dildos and vibrators are cheap and easy to carry, they cannot experience full masturbation. Sex machines are sometimes underpowered. And full-size male sex dolls are expensive and not easy to carry. At this point, male torso sex dolls are definitely a good choice.

Shemale sex doll torso

Shemale Torso is a sex doll torso designed for some special groups of people. This sex doll torso not only has realistic big breasts, but also a real big dick. This is a sex toy for shemale sex. Some people may want to experience what it’s like to have sex with a Thai ladyboy. By purchasing this shemale sex doll torso, you can experience this different kind of sex at home too.

Why clean sex doll torso? There are several reasons including:

keep the torso clean
Prevent germs and spread
Extends the life of the sex doll torso

How often do I need to clean disposable torso toys?

It is recommended that you clean your sex doll before and after each use. Whether you’re not too staging to keep your doll fresh and extend its shelf life, you should be concerned about the spread of bacteria and mold. Since the sex doll torso is mostly made of TPE material, TPE is porous, and for this reason, when it gets wet, it acts like a playground for bacteria and mold to form and spread. Cleaning will make you happier.

What can I use to clean my sex doll torso?

prepare some warm water
soft towel
Tools for cleaning sex dolls

cleaning steps

Step 1: Gently wipe the doll with your hands using a mild antibacterial soap and warm or cold water.
Step 2: Use a microfiber towel on the doll and let it air dry as quickly as possible. The faster your doll does it, the better.

What is prohibited when cleaning the torso of a sex doll?

Do not use hot water to clean doll torso
Do not use a hair dryer to directly dry doll sex torso
Avoid direct sunlight. This is because heat can seriously affect the quality of a sex doll.

With these tips and advice above, we hope to extend the life of your sex doll torso, protect your health, and allow you to have the best time with your sex doll torso.

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