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The Big Ass Masturbator has an irresistible charisma, super sensuality and unique temperament, and you can’t go wrong with a big ass torso. You can try doggy style sex and you will feel comfortable, Big Ass Masturbator is one of the best selling torsos in sex doll torso.

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Some questions about Big Ass Masturbator

The Big Butt Masturbator is also made of silicone and TPE, and it is a very practical sex doll torso that allows you to experience the pleasure of doggy style. You can also try tight anal sex. It’s a realistic big-ass torso, and if you think full-size sex dolls are expensive, why not consider a realistic big-ass masturbator?

First of all, you can pick your favorite big ass torso, they are all very realistic shapes that will make your penis erect.
Secondly, choose the weight of the big butt masturbator. If you want to have sex at any time, it is recommended that you buy a big butt with a very light weight.
Finally, you can choose the material of the torso. We have two kinds of materials: silicone and TPE. Silicone is expensive, but it is closer to human skin and has a long service life. TPE prices are low. It is currently the most used material for making doll torso, and it has good air permeability.

Cleaning the sex doll torso after use is very necessary to maintain the life of the torso doll and your health. First, you’ll need antibacterial soap, clean room temperature water, and a cleaning sponge. When cleaning the vagina, make sure to be gentle with the doll and avoid using violence to tear the orifice. After the cleaning process, you must wipe it gently with a dry, clean cloth. Before storing, you need to make sure the doll is completely dry. Sprinkle some talcum powder if necessary to keep it from getting wet.

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