The torso love doll when you need love

The trunk dolls generally include sex dolls without limbs, upper body dolls, lower body dolls, and sex dolls without heads, hands and feet. Their height and weight are different.

Don’t be distracted by your partner’s feelings, don’t worry about your performance, the trunk love doll gives you a full space for you. These mini -sex puppets are easy to carry and cautious, and you can also carry it with you while traveling. The correct use of sex dolls does not infect diseases, and of course, do not worry about pregnancy and other troubles. It can safely release your desire, avoid the mistakes that your lower body is thinking when thinking, and let you think very calmly at work.

What material is used for the torso of the sex doll?

Most of them use TPE material, of course, it’s popular and will serve you well. The TPE sex doll torso is the closest to human skin, and it is used to make the butt and chest of the sex torso, so that it feels very real when you press or suck. TPE material is cheaper than silicone, which can reduce the cost of the factory, and customers can also get their favorite sex doll torso at a cheap price.

There are many good torso dolls for you to choose from. They look great. TPE toys are definitely worth considering when choosing a mid-range sex doll or toy.

What are the characteristics of sex dolls sold by SextoyStop?

High quality and low price: Because it is a part of the sex doll body, it uses less material and the price is very cheap.

EASY TO STORAGE: The smaller size and weight make it easier to store the love doll torso. And, the portability allows you to take your torso sex doll with you wherever you go for fun on the go.

Make love anytime, anywhere: Usually, it weighs between 4kg and 20kg. It is very realistic and is the best sex tool, you can experience different sex pleasures on the sofa, kitchen, bathroom.

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