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Sex Torso For Men is more suitable for masturbating with women, you can experience real cycling sex, which will make you more excited and achieve different orgasms. If you think buying a full size sex doll is too expensive, then you can try to buy our male sex torso, not only cheap, but also easy to carry and store, come and buy your first male sex torso.

Hot Selling Sex Torso For Men

Sex Torso For Men with Huge Dildo

Some questions about Sex Torso For Men

Sex Torso For Men is a sex doll torso specially designed for women. They have strong bodies and huge dildos to meet the needs of women and achieve different orgasms. At this point, male torso sex dolls are definitely a good choice. At Sextoystop, they offer a wide variety of cheap and real male torso sex toys. And the quality is also guaranteed.

If you’ve used sex dolls for a long time, cleaning will be more familiar to you. But for those of you who are buying sex doll torso for the first time, you don’t know how to clean it better.

In fact, cleaning the male sex torso is a relatively easy thing. All you need is warm water and tools to clean your torso. After cleaning, it can be wiped dry and stored in a box.

The male sex torso is made from the same material as the realistic sex doll, and the torso is also made of silicone and TPE.

TPE is a very soft and delicate material. Due to the porosity, you need to be careful when washing and using sex doll torsos made of TPE. But having said that, TPE dolls most likely resemble human skin. The breasts of dolls made of TPE feel real when you press or suck.

Before the introduction of TPE dolls, silicone dolls ruled the market. Silicone is known for its durability and non-porosity. Also, you can be a little harsh on these dolls without compromising their quality. These dolls last longer and also guarantee a realistic feel.

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