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These female sex torso dolls have a plump body. The larger torso is proportional to the female body. When you hug her, you might forget that she’s just a torso. Even the smallest torsos have lifelike bodies. Especially the pair of tits, both tactile and visual, will make people feel real.

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Some questions about Sex Torso For Women

Sex Torso For Women generally includes sex dolls without limbs, upper body sex dolls, lower body sex dolls and sex dolls without heads, hands and feet. They vary in height and weight. Most torso sex dolls are less than a hundred centimeters long and weigh between 5-20 kilograms. Each torso is missing a specific body part. Some are just a butt and vagina, while others may consist of legs, chest or even a head.

Affordable torso doll

Sextoystop store-bought sex doll torsos are the cheapest, and this is the most critical point to consider when buying a torso sex doll.

Flexibility of the trunk

Many cheap torso dolls are still stiff and impossible to position. You definitely don’t want to play with a toy like this. Instead, look for flexible dolls to enjoy different sex positions for the ultimate erotic pleasure.

The size of the orifice.

This is important when looking for torso dolls. You will find torso dolls with anal and vaginal holes. They are more expensive than those with only one hole. Also, you have to pay attention to the size of the hole to make sure it accommodates the penis perfectly.

Cleaning a female torso sex toy after using a torso sex doll is an absolute must, antibacterial soap, clean room temperature water and a sponge – all three things you need to clean your torso toy. You may need some pliers for extra support while cleaning the orifice. A slow and steady approach is a necessary part of the process. Be sure to be gentle with the doll when cleaning. After the cleaning process, you must wipe it gently with a dry, clean cloth. Before storing, you need to make sure the doll is completely dry. If you don’t use the doll very often, be sure to sprinkle some talcum powder every 15 days to keep it from getting wet.

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